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Documenting my GSoC’21 journey at DBpedia


Never been this excited, the results for GSoC’21 were announced today. I’ll be working with DBpedia this summer on the Project Neural QA Model for DBpedia mentored by Tommaso Soru and Anand Panchbhai. 17/05/2021-06/06/2021 will be our Community bonding period and for me a little time to brush up my ideas.


Had my first meet (virtual ofcourse) with Mentors, one of the mentors could not join due to some health issues. They are really very friendly and helpful. Overall meeting:

-> Firstly, a nice and long introduction

-> Discussed the longterm vision

-> A little discussion on workflow with respect to the timeline.


Officially starting with the coding period. The table below shall help you navigate smoothly through the weeks :)

Serial no. Coding period Updated on Overview
01. Syntax-Aware Augmentation 27/06/2021 Brief project overview, Syntax Aware Augmentation
02. Back Translation 20/08/2021 Hop in.

For the entire code checkout -> repository.